Over-the-counter & Custom Orthotics

Comfort Footworks offers the best in orthotic devices, both custom and over the counter (OTC). We are able to help folks with a variety of foot and gait issues at the best prices.

We have two systems for creating custom orthotics, both offered through partnerships with world leaders in custom insoles and foot orthotic equipment. Our custom insoles are priced significantly less that those obtained elsewhere and our service is unmatched by anyone in the footwear business.

Our most cost effective, custom insole utilizes a digitally scanned image of each foot and creates the perfect insole based on the particular needs of each foot. The scanning process takes less than 5 minutes and gives great diagnostic information about each foot. This diagnostic is at NO CHARGE or obligation to purchase. If you do purchase the custom orthotics, they will be back in the store and ready for pickup within 3 business days.

For the customers requiring even more specialized modifications, we can address that too. After we digitally scan and map your foot, our expert staff can make various modifications and adjustments to create an insole exactly for your more complex needs. This insole does take a bit longer at about 10 business days to have completed.

With either custom method, once they are received, an appointment will be made to have the insoles checked and professionally fitted by our skilled staff.

Over the Counter:
For those not requiring custom insoles, we carry a great selection of over the counter insoles from some of the biggest names in orthotic footwear, like Vionic, Aetrex, and others.

No matter what your needs are, we can find the right fit for you. Check out our competition, and then check us out. You will not be disappointed with what you get here.